Kratom has a been used as a medicinal plant in the ancient history of Thailand, long before it was banned by the Thai government just because of the economic political influence of the opium vendors which is threatened to fall because of kratom’s rising popularity in the early 16th century.

Another factor that influenced the wrong banning of kratom is the false information that is being scattered by a lot of people who don’t really know what kratom can really do and that it is really safe. Also, because of people who only buy kratom just for fun. They use it only for having fun, just because of peer influences, and because they thought that it is the legal counterpart of marijuana and the like.

Because of those instances, several scientists and experts began to abandon their extensive research about this plant’s hidden potentials either because their lab or place is affected by a law that restricts the use and possession of any forms of kratom. However, on some places where kratom is still legal, different scientists and researchers began studying the possible health benefits of kratom to human beings.

Different people who buy kratom extracts or capsules mainly use it for increasing their ability to perform tasks longer and easier. This is true because kratom is proven to have stimulating capability especially on lower dosage levels. Also, in ancient history of Thailand, farmers use it so they can withstand long hours of working at the field without getting tired. Truly, kratom is beneficial.

Those people who are experiencing severe painful joints or muscles can ease themselves using kratom, without worrying about side-effects. And what’s better is that kratom is natural, a gift from nature. Truly, kratom is beneficial.

If you think only physical pain is it that kratom can heal, you’re going to be shocked as it can also help you ease your emotional pain, especially those kratom capsules extracts. Kratom is known as a powerful depressant, and it really helped a lot of people who is suffering from emotional pain. It is also great for people who are suffering from drug withdrawal syndromes. Truly, kratom is beneficial.

Kratom, a tree that grows up to 15m tall, has lots of beneficial effect; it is a powerful relaxing herb. People love how it stimulates your mind and body and producing a calming and soothing effect at the same time. It is really perfect to use by people who are doing a tedious work whole day, at the end of the working day, just buy a piece of kratom capsule, take it and lie down. Calm and fresh feeling will be yours.

Kratom can also help those people who are performing a lot of mental task. It greatly improves the focus power of the mind, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

That is why kratom should be kept legal, but with restrictions of course. Kratom can be addictive if not used in a proper way. Thus, proper education and orientation towards this tree is a must for anyone who wants to utilize kratom for its perfect benefits.

10/24/2012 06:22:00 am

Thanks for the information. I have been using kratom for a few months now. I am still trying to find the perfect strain that works for me.

1/4/2016 06:10:31 am

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1/1/2013 06:21:53 am

Hi you all
I want to quit Tramadol using Bali Kratom capsules. I’m not sure how to do it.
I’m on 400mg Tramadol / day (100mg 4 x day)
Can I use Tramadol and Kratom together ? How much Kratom and when ?
Can I simply replace part of the dosage with Kratom ?
Thanks for all the advice.

1/1/2013 06:23:27 am

I have a spinal injury and are in constant pain and was advised to take Kratom to get off Tramadol and that Kratom would help for the pain

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4/22/2016 07:36:34 am

I believe if you stay away from the Extracts and enhanced kratom you will be just fine.
Use it the way nature intended


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