Yes, I bet the title caught your attention. The world’s highest quality kratom, does it really exist? Probably, yes it does, or some will think that it doesn’t exist at all. There are a lot of humors and myths about where does the highest quality kratom can be found. Is it from Cambodia? Is it from Thailand? Is it from Indonesia? Maybe it is in the Philippines, or somewhere in Myanmar. Do you really want to know where the highest quality kratom can be found? Then take time to read this short article, and you shall know the truth.

Kratom came from Thailand, and there are no arguments about that. It is in Thailand that several vendors claim their kratom to come from. It is why a lot of vendors say that they have the highest quality kratom because it came from the Thai ground, the home place of kratom. Actually, quality is really hard to achieve when it comes to kratom because of several laws imposed against this drug. At the time of writing this article, kratom is currently banned from its mother soil, Thailand, where all started way back in 1943. It greatly affects the fact that kratom cannot come directly from Thailand because the Thai government prohibits any acts associated with the tree such as propagation, export, import, possession, selling and buying. So, how come that still a lot of vendors claims that they have the highest quality kratom that came from Thailand?

Possession of kratom in Thailand may mean death, even in the smallest weight possible. That’s why Thai kratom ceased to be sold into the market. By the way, I almost forgot that you are waiting for the information regarding the highest quality kratom. I’ll tell you now: it came from Thailand, its mother ground and to be specific, it is the “MaengDa kratom”, the world’s highest quality kratom available in the market. It has the strongest and most potent level that even a gram of it can make you go nuts! Now you know the highest quality kratom, I’ll give you an advice: do not use it if you are new with the drug, it is so intense that it may result to projectile vomiting and extreme nausea, consider taking “Borneo kratom” first.

Now, back to the inhuman banning of kratom in Thailand, marketers need to find a way to continue supplying Thai kratom to their customers or else it will be the end of them (if not, great cut of sales). That fueled an idea that they have to find a place like Thailand to grow and start their kratom plantation. And the only places where there is similar climate like Thailand are the South East Asian countries. But the most suitable place is Indonesia. That is also where a lot of “Thai kratom” came from.

Now, you know that the highest quality kratom (in terms of potency) is “MaengDa kratom”. But a lot of circumstances still apply like vendor extraction ability, delivery, growing conditions, etc. And if you are looking for the best vendors of “MaengDa kratom”, consider these websites:  kratomlounge.com, capsulekratom.com, and superkratom.com. They are among the best.

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