Kratom is prepared and imbibed in many ways. Traditionally, fresh kratom leaves are chewed in Thailand. Dry leaves can be chewed, but their rough texture makes it a little difficult. The leaves and resin are used to make kratom tea, and the powder is mixed with drinks or added to certain foods.

Toss and wash method:  You toss the kratom powder or extract into your mouth and wash it down with a liquid, preferably water or fruit juice.

Suspension method:  In this method, you add the required amount of kratom powder or extract into a bottle filled with liquid, shake it well and gulp it down. Try using a citrus based drink to mask the taste of kratom. Mix the kratom in a cup of juice, stir it well, and drink it.

Capsule method: This is a good option for people who tend to gag at kratom's taste.

Food addition method: Add the powder to pudding, apple sauce, or yoghurt to avoid the bitter taste. 

How to make a cup of kratom tea 

Step 1: 

For every liter of liquid use 50 grams of crushed leaves. Take the crushed leaves and add them to a pot and add a liter of water. You can add less or more of the kratom leaves based on your tolerance levels. Add a fine, preferably enhanced version of kratom powder to the water to make a strong brew.

Step 2:  

Boil the leaves for fifteen minutes in the water. Stir occasionally for the first ten minutes, but don’t stir in the last five minutes.

Step 3: 

Remove the pot from the flame and strain the kratom liquid into a container. Press or squeeze the leaves to strain off the excess water into the container. Avoid using strainers, if you are making kratom tea with kratom powder. Use a coffee filter instead as this prevents residue powder from slipping into the container.

Step 4:  

After step 3 has been completed, repeat the steps two and three a couple of times. This ensures that you get as much of kratom tea as possible. Make sure the quality of the latter extractions. If the second and third boiling (before straining of the liquid) yields a strong, bitter tasting liquid, continue the straining process. If the boiled liquid has a bland taste, don’t strain the liquid, as all the alkaloids have been removed in the first and/or second extraction. 

Step 5:  

One you have extracted enough kratom tea, throw away the leaves. Some people do like to chew the strained leaves. The extracted liquid has a bitter taste, so drink it in one shot or top it with fruit juice. 

Step 6:  

Kratom tea is not a pleasant drinking experience. You are better off drinking smaller quantities till you can stomach the taste. 

Step 7: 

The kratom effect begins in ten minutes to half an hour lasting up to four hours. 
You can also make kratom tea with resin by adding it to boiling water. Add milk and honey if needed

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Nice post, I am glad to try the kratom tea recipe; I use to try it with fruit juice.


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